Above and beyond is what I do... for you.

Above and beyond is what I do... for you.


This is where the rubber meets the road. I pride myself in being a concierge realtor- an agent that will do anything for you, to get your home sold.

For example:

  • My client was facing HOA issues with their new home construction. I volunteered to meet the association with them to get their project approved.
  • When there are complicated problems that require an attorney, I refer to the best one in that area.
  • For a buyer that was out of the country, I set my alarm at 1 am to wake up and talk with him almost everyday for a couple of weeks about his purchase.


Let's take a walk behind the scenes:


Doing service work( with my family) for a client that bought a home a couple of years ago who had a hard time with the overgrowth of weeds (we placed pavers with stone in between).

And when the landscaper didn’t show up before photos, yours truly makes it picture-perfect.

When some inspection repairs were missed by the handyman and the house closing was fast approaching I went to work removing debris from the attic decking, evaporator coil and hot water heater pans, placing insulation between the ducts etc.

..not my best angle 🙂

Here I am accepting cars at my home for clients that moved from out of state.

Supporting my clients' children - this time by buying cookies!!! .. so they can focus on other things..

And of course supporting the charities that my clients care about (this was at a First Junior Women’s Club auction)



My job is to make buying or selling as stress-free for you as possible.


But it doesn't stop there.  I go to great lengths to keep working for you beyond the end of our transaction. 


Do you have questions about buying, selling, renting, or real estate investing?

I'm never too busy for your call.



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