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Advice for Sellers

Advice for Sellers

Just because the market’s hot doesn’t mean the art of selling goes out the window. Here’s the do’s and don’ts of selling in any market to get all the bang for your buck:

✔️ Don't overprice.

It won't sell- It will sit on the market and people will wonder what's wrong with it.

✔️ Make sure the home is spotless.

Cleanliness really is next to godliness. Even if it's not updated- the cleaner it is, people will automatically correlate this with how well the house is maintained.

✔️ Make sure it 's not cluttered.

I walk through a lot of houses and besides a house being dirty, this is what makes a home very difficult to sell. It's hard to actually see the house when it's cluttered and people may assume you are not taking good care of the home. It's an easy fix- get some boxes and fill up the garage. People understand that you're moving and are ok with boxes in the garage.

✔️ Paint is money in a can.

A neutral coat of paint works wonders for smells and updating the home.

✔️ Make sure the home smells good.

Not a heavy scent like you're trying to hide something , but a light and fresh scent like fresh linen or some freshly cut flowers or a light scented candle.
Tips like like these are cost effective and ensure you are putting your best foot forward.  Do you have questions about getting your home ready for market?  I'm never too busy for your call.  (832) 978-3380

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