Steps to Buying a Home

Steps to Buying a Home

Buying a home can seem daunting.  Here's a rough guide to help:

  1. Get a preapproval/prequalification letter from your bank

  2. Find a full service agent

  3. Look at homes

  4. Make an offer

  5. Negotiate the offer

  6. Execute the offer (buyer and seller sign)

  7. Deliver option and earnest funds to the title company

  8. Complete inspections 

  9. Negotiate any repairs/credits with seller

  10. Loan underwriting

  11. Appraisal/title commitment/survey

  12. Loan funds and escrow closes

  13. Get keys!!

This may seem like a lot but with the right person it feels like a breeze.  Do you have home buying questions? I'm never too busy for your call.



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