The Hidden Costs of a Discount Realtor

"Should I use a discount realtor?"

Well, would you trust a “discount” lawyer to handle your parents estate? A “cheap” mechanic to keep your car maintained? Discount realtors/brokers offer minimal support and for a highly complex transaction and this can never be in your best interest. 

The realtor you use could ultimately determine the amount you make on the sale of your house. 


What is a discount realtor?

  • They charge a flat fee or low commission
  • Offer reduced services and charge extra for things like open houses
  • Likely to be inexperienced and as a result lack negotiation skills
  • Pricing is crucial and they may not price your home well- which leads to price drops and more time on market
  • As they’re working for a discounted rate, they may not put in as much effort into selling your home


What are the advantages of using a full service realtor?

  • Extensive marketing beyond placing a sign in your yard and putting your house on MLS
  • Likely to sell your home for a higher price
  • Offer the whole package of services (open houses, marketing, negotiating, inspections, qualifying buyers)
  • Often have extensive experience, network and repeat clients and specialize in certain markets
  • Will save you time and stress by expertly navigating the complex process of buying and selling.
  • Reduce risk exposure 


The question you should ask is: Do you want a discounted sale on your house?



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